• Established Youngil Tech Co., Ltd.

• Developed car jump starters

• Commercialized high voltage parts for cars


• Obtained ISO and KC certification on car jump starters

• Supplied car jump starters to Robert Bosch Korea

• Supplied jump starters to SK Networks

• Obtained license for electric vehicle maintenance training


• Supplied jump starters to Promemall Opened an electronic vehicle education center

• Conducted high voltage retrofit for Korea Transportation Safety Authority

• Conducted high voltage retrofit for Renault Samsung Motors

• Developed remanufactured batteries for golf carts

• Developed remanufactured batteries for personal mobility devices

• Published an EV emergency response guide


• Developed auxiliary power for vehicles

• Acquired an equity stake in Korea Electric Vehicle Maintenance Cooperative

• Launched an integrated EV maintenance service for the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology

• Conducted high voltage retrofit for the Korea Energy Agency

• Operated a specialized EV education system

• Established a database for fault diagnosis


• Established eVLink Co., Ltd.

• Established an affiliated research institute

• Certified as a venture company

• Conducted a high voltage retrofit for BMW Korea

• Established a Mongolian branch and purchased tin mining shares

• Developed EV high voltage diagnostic solutions technology


• M&A of Youngil Tech Co., Ltd.

• Supervision of government project (tin mining/screening) worth KRW 10 billion, 5-year duration

• Participation in government project (RFCC recycling) worth KRW 10 billion, 4-year duration

• Commercialized EV high voltage diagnostic solutions

• Supervision of government project (inspection system for used batteries) worth KRW 1 billion, 2-year duration

• Selected as a support project for EV after market strategic development


• Developed Battery Smart Diagnosis System

• Launched Component Diagnostic System (CDS)