✔  Established

• Established eVLinkCo.,Ltd.

• M&A of Youngil Tech Co.,Ltd.

Head Office : Pangyo, Republic of Korea

Affiliated research institute : Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do

Mongolian branch : Ulaanbaatar

Site Sharing : Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources, Hannae, Pukyong National University

✔ Business Areas

Ultra-precise diagnostic based platform solution.

Waste battery refurbished remanufactured product.

Securing supply chains and resource development.

Waste battery performance diagnosis big data platform.

Metal support supply and recycling.

✔ Technology

Development of the world's first rapid diagnosis algorithm for waste batteries.

Diagnostic data-based big data utilization technology.

Refurbish waste battery remanufacturing technology.

Separation of mineral resources and advanced light mining technology.

Metal resource recovery technology from waste catalysts.

Metal resource solvent extraction recycling technology.

✔ Roadmap

Introduction ('21~'22) Building a business foundation

Growth ('23~'24) preoccupation with the eV After Market

Maturity ('25~'30) Settle the platform business

                                 /Overseas Expansion

Promotion of government R&D projects to establish the introduction period business

Creating a Foundation for Overseas Expansion: Mongolia, Thailand