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R&D Project Overview


Contents and Scope

Development of smart mining technology customized in the new northern region

▪3D geological modeling and mining design of tin mine

▪Smart mining field construction and Operation

▪Digital twin based remote monitoring

▪Optimized operating conditions based on AI analysis

Development of on-site test technology for separation and high purifying system

▪Determination of mineralogical and physicochemical properties of raw mineral and concentrate

▪Low cost and high efficiency separation process

(Grade≧65% Sn, Recovery≧85% Sn)

▪Carbon-reduction and high purifying technology

(Grade≧99.9% Sn, Recovery≧90% Sn)

▪Demonstration pilot plant stabilization

Development of tailings stabilization and recycling technology

▪Stabilization of mine tailings and process water

▪ High value-added strategies of by-products

▪Securing original technology for mine damage reduction

▪Expanding the application of demand industries Networking






Development of smart mining technology Customized in underdeveloped resource-rich countries

Achieving a technological advantage over competitive technologies in advanced countries through the development of core technologies and entering the market through the development of customized technologies in underdeveloped resource-rich countries

Securing stable tin raw materials

 that rely entirely on imports

Partial replacement of imports enables stable development of the industry and gives market participation opportunities to control price volatility resulting from supply-demand imbalances

Expectations of carbon neutrality and 

employment creation effect

Contributing to the realization of government policies such as resource security and carbon neutrality by securing tin, a key raw material for the renewable energy industry

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